Review: Pirates on Robertson Quay (Bar Restaurant)

Decided to look up deals website when choosing a place for a dinner gathering with Bestie Fel and came across this:

Was thrilled by the Pirates themed restaurants (we are suckers for anything themed!!)


Here are some reviews:

Forget about the theme. Apart from the so-so nautical decor of the place, nothing else is ‘piracy’ at all! I mean when you have a themed restaurant, the least you can do is dress up ur staff, and make them scream ‘Ay Ay Captain’ every now and then.. If anything, the clean and polite staff all look like they can wait at posh restaurants..

Service is generally quite pleasant; from the exception they grant us during reservation (deal states that at least 2 days advance reservation required but they kindly allowed us to come in that night straight after we bought the coupons. Maybe coz it’s a Monday, and the bar is really really empty, but nonetheless, appreciate that very much). Mr Lim and me reached first after a uber long walk from Clark Quay stn and is desperate for a drink and seat. The friendly lady host showed us to the table first, and even offer to get us some appetizers first while waiting! Very caring of her! After which, we topped up $5.90 for bottomless soft drinks (no alcohol for me coz next day is working day! Boohoo!) Refills were prompt and the group of waiters took care of us pretty well throughout the evening.

Food comes in 1/3 size, good for small eaters to try more items but for you big boys like me, we prob have to order 2 of everything! Haha.. Quality and taste wise was actually quite wonderful! Never knew pirates eat that well! Dishes worth mentioning are the: Calamari (Fresh and QQ- foodmented by Prof Lee), Linguine Al Granchio (with chunks of real crabmeat), Polle de Pomodorini (LOVE the creamy tomato base, and al dente pasta), salmon (a tad overcooked but who dun love salmon? Ok, Mr Lim dun, but each is a generous thick fillet of salmon and if you can stomach 5, you get back more than the worth of your $$ paid already!), Cabonara (very sinful, very thick, very yumz!!!), Meatlover/ Crab pizza (thin, handmade crust and fresh from the oven).

Theme: 2/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 3/5

Will I come back again? Maybe, but only if they have this offer again.. Damage per pax is $19.90 + $5.90 (drinks)= $25.80. Not very cheap for a small menu, but not expensive too with the good food quality and its eat-all-you-can. Come on Fridays/ Weekends so you can wash the delish food with a mug or 2 of beer and chill the night away.. Oh, and it is one rare joint that dun charge gst nor service charge! So so rem to tip if you enjoyed yourself! ~Peace out~