Said goodbye to my single, largest plush toy Mr Mickey of my life… Walked past the charity plush toys collection area at Suntec City and decided to take this chance to clear out my clutter. Out of the 7000 over plush toys they collected this year, I can safely say at least 30 are from me! Hahahaha… I hope the kids will like them as much as I adored them before they grew to be my clutter… And friends, as much as I love soft toys, STOP buying them for me already!

Yup, even when I point out eagerly to the large Green Lucky Clover Carebear at Takashimaya!!!

Mr Mickey, Bulldog, Bluey with the rest of my plush collections in the boot of Alex’s car… Go bring joy to your new owners!!! Just like the way you guys brought joy to me before…

There he is… Lying comfortably in the collection box with my bulldog that had been with me since I was 10 or something… I had so much attention and “wows” when I lugged this 2 giants into the hall. =P

The Xmas Tree is made with soft toys!!!
Proud Owner of this gorgeous Nike Backpack!!

Fell in love with it at first sight… Wanted to put this Nike Bag on my wish-list and see who will buy for me… And as you know what a compulsive shopper I am, I decided to not wait and buy it for myself after 2 weeks (ok, 2mins in 2weeks) of consideration and not posting the picture online. Adding to my collection of a gazillion nice bags!! Ahhh… I love pampering myself!

Get to see this Wish Ball after my night of Xmas Party at Ritz Carlton and decided to work my creativity. This is the wish that I will wish for EVERYTIME I see a shooting star, or before I blow out my yearly birthday candles… Now you know I am a natural borned Mr Congeniality! Hahahaha…

Cute ehz? =P

I’m finally done with my biggest obsession lately… Xiao Niang Re (Little Nonya). Ahhh… I hate the feeling of a soap opera ending. I so want MORE of it!!! Now I no longer have to visit the mobtv link twice a day to check whether the latest sneak previews are uploaded. For those who haven’t seen the finale, dun expect too much. It is a pretty nice, sweet and whole ending, but not good enough I think to this rare fantastic local serial… Or maybe, I just dun want it to end… =P