Christopher Robin- Be Yourself?

For fellow Disney Fans who have yet catch Christopher Robin, I urge you to do so before it gets pulled down!

I actually wasn’t keen on watching coz I was never a fan of Pooh, but went for it anyway coz of the awesome reviews.

And I’m glad I did.

It felt as though Disney is dedicating this film to all the fans that have grown up through the years. Sometimes, we forget the things that are truly important in our life as we try to bash through the journey of life…

Reminders and words of wisdom dished throughout the movie will enlighten and nudge one to ponder + realign life goals and values.

One scene that particularly struck me was the dialogue between Christopher (CR) and Pooh (P) in the phone booth.


CR: Look, you can’t just keep saying hello to people. People can’t see you moving and talking.

P: But why?

CR: Because… because you are different. And.. and people don’t like things that are different.

P: So.. I shouldn’t be me?

CR: No.. no no.. You should always be yourself.

P: This is all very confusing…

CR: For now, just try and be a less exuberant you.

P: Ex-Pooh-berant?

CR (trying to explain): Flop, Sag, Go Limp..

P (repeats): Flop.. Sag.. Go Limp..

CR: How about.. I know.. I got it, how about playing naptime?

P: I love play!

CR: Well, let’s see it!

P: Like this? (Pooh plonked his head with a thud against the phone booth glass wall)

I was so moved by this scene especially with the recent political spotlights. Sure, we should always be ourselves, but yet, to be less exuberant and just flop, sag and go limp..

True that people don’t necessary like things that are different.. But.. Why do one always have to fit in?

With that loud thud of Pooh’s head against the glass wall resounding painfully, I rest my case…

Interesting round up this blog!- 2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 17 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Save My World

So I was on the cab to meet my client and the driver took a wrong turn that will likely extend my trip by 10mins (which is apparently a grave offence in Singapore). He apologies profusely and I just smiled and kept assuring him that it’s fine. People makes mistakes and sometimes you just gotta ‘let it go’. *cue Idina Menzel*

You may think that I am a pushover, but if everyone can be kinder to everyone else, the world would be a much more pleasant place wouldn’t it? =)

Ps: Thankfully I had a little extra time provision for travel. Hopefully I will meet kind client too.


Love of a BIG Man

Image and Full Script from

Was watching one of my all time fav TV- Desperate Housewives and am super moved by this scene so I shared… The script is too well written and goes straight to my heart… Definitely the mindset of a perfect husband. But how many of these men are there in this real world? And who is really that BIG enough to really do this? Let me know what you think… =)

“Tom: Hey Roy, can I talk to you?

Roy: Sure thing, pally. Here, take a load off. If it’s about me getting into it with your wife though, I have to stop you first and say I’m sorry. I mean, I know times have changed, but a man’s still a man. And you deserve to have your wife respect you.

Tom: She respects me plenty, Roy. Here’s the thing you gotta understand about Lynette. She grew up without her dad. Her mom was a drinker. So she had to be responsible for everyone.

Roy: Yeah, well, that’s rough.

Tom: Yeah. It left her with this constant fear that everything could suddenly fall apart. And that’s why she needs to control everything. Of course, she can’t. Nobody can. But… She can control me… If I let her. So I do. Because it makes her feel safe. And that is my job, as her husband… to make her feel safe.
Roy: You’re a good man, Scavo.
Tom: I try.” -Tom Scavo, Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 5.

Free Breeks/ Seoul Garden/ Fresh Bulgoggi Membership

Hi all!

Haven’t got the time to sit down and blog about my super hectic life lately, but saw this in an email and think its great to share! Go apply your membership and enjoy the perks!

PS: I have no idea what the perks are, but I applied anyway since its free.. Typical Singaporean lah… Haha.. Good stuff must share ehz? Especially when it is free! =P

Email Message:

“For food lovers. Don’t miss the membership opportunity

Dear all Please go to this website to apply the free membership card. U will not need to spend a specific amount to get the card as it is a promotion period.It is under seoul garden, breeks cafe etc. After 31 of May, if you want this card, u will have to spend $70.

Tueday Resolution…

Good Chilly Tuesday Singapore!!!

Haven’t wake up naturally at such early hrs for a long time!

Must take this great opp to do many MANY things!! Let’s see…

1) Return library books
2) Swim
3) K-Lunch
4) Shower/ Groom Baobei and Zaizai
5) Pack Room (Throw away stuff.. throw away stuff…)
6) Complete and send in CTF Proposal

Sounds realistic enough… Will do progress report at the end of the day.. Wish me luck! =P