Little Erkunden Singapore 23rd to 24th Aug 2010

As promised, here is the special gift for my new wonderful little Germany friends! (haha… realised the sentance sounds weird coz I used too many adjectives, but there is really no one word to describe how good the kids are and how glad I’m able to know and show them around…

Geez… Not sure whether this is good or bad but I am missing the kids already!! Think I should really have my own soon… But again, mine might turn out to be little terrors and nowhere like any of them…

*ShrugS* At least I am quite sure lil Arthurs and Arthurinas will look GORGEOUS too anywayz! Wahahahahhahahahhahaha………… (You can’t win the thickness of my skin! Haha…) =D

Oh, and Erkunden means Explore in German. Little Erkunden Singapore= Little Explorers Singapore! This is where I demonstrate my roots of chapalang language call Germlish… Nice right?! Lolx!! =P

Anyway, enjoy the video/slideshow where we enjoyed many parts of Singapore all within 2 days!

In case you are wondering, I am using Muvee Pixie (Free 15days trial) to complete this project. I am quite impressed by the super ease of use and intuitive results of it I must say! Very proud of this video that I did… Very tempted to buy the program as well! Heh… Very hard to make me wanna pay for something that I can easily download one siah… =P

Leave me a message to let me know what you think! Intro me to good slideshow creators too if anyone know of any!

Cheerios! =)