Chef Arty’s Lazy No-Bake Chocolate Pie, Durian Pengat on a Rainy Sunday…

What do you do with:

1) Excess 70% Cocoa Lindt chocolates from the crazy sale at Value Dollar Shop;


2) Cheap but badly chosen, Not-So-Nice + under-ripe batch of Durian from the Pasar Malam;


3) Rainy Sunday that got you trapped at home? (This picture was taken at KSL hotel lobby and not my home by the way! Lolx!)


Yup, u got it!

1) Traditional No-Bake Chocolate Pie

2) Durian Pengat

Okie, if at this point, you are looking for a proper recipe, you are outta luck.. Coz am quite random when it comes to cooking.. That is why I can never bake a cake that requires precise measurements.. Cooking should be FUN and I love going with my gut, tongue and preference.. So if you are like me, you may use the following ingredients to make the simple, sinful and über delicious desserts! Let me know how yours turn out! =D

No-Bake Chocolate Pie

Crushed digestive biscuits
Melted butter

Combine all of them together (with hands) and press into shape into your preferred pie tray/ bowl.
Set in fridge for 1hr. Mine actually didn’t turn out too well and crumbles too easily. Think I added too little melted butter.

Chocolate Filling:
Melted chocolate
Cooking Cream
Whipped Cream (Gotta take note here: Whipped till peak is formed. Underwhip and ur filling will be too watery, over and the cream will collapse)

Cook melted chocolate, sugar and cream together and bring to a soft boil.
Fold in whipped cream into the slightly cooled mixture.
Pour into crust.
Set in fridge for a further 2hrs, or till you are ready to eat.

Durian Pengat

What you will need:
Cooking Cream (recommend using coconut cream. I used only cooking cream coz there were leftover from the chocolate pie)

Sugar (plenty)
Gula Melacca (very impt especially if you are not using coconut cream)
Pinch of salt

Boil durian and cream in slow fire. Add sugar and gula malacca. Cook till sugar melted and you get a mash-like consistency. Stir in a pinch of salt. Set aside pot to cool before putting in fridge for further 2-3hrs. Best served chilled. If you have some whipped cream, you can also garnish the dessert with little cream thorns like what I did!

*Tips on where to buy the best and cheapest ingredients:

Value Dollar Shop
Digestive Biscuits

Phoon Huat aka Red Man
Cooking Cream
Whipped Cream

Little Erkunden Singapore 23rd to 24th Aug 2010

As promised, here is the special gift for my new wonderful little Germany friends! (haha… realised the sentance sounds weird coz I used too many adjectives, but there is really no one word to describe how good the kids are and how glad I’m able to know and show them around…

Geez… Not sure whether this is good or bad but I am missing the kids already!! Think I should really have my own soon… But again, mine might turn out to be little terrors and nowhere like any of them…

*ShrugS* At least I am quite sure lil Arthurs and Arthurinas will look GORGEOUS too anywayz! Wahahahahhahahahhahaha………… (You can’t win the thickness of my skin! Haha…) =D

Oh, and Erkunden means Explore in German. Little Erkunden Singapore= Little Explorers Singapore! This is where I demonstrate my roots of chapalang language call Germlish… Nice right?! Lolx!! =P

Anyway, enjoy the video/slideshow where we enjoyed many parts of Singapore all within 2 days!

In case you are wondering, I am using Muvee Pixie (Free 15days trial) to complete this project. I am quite impressed by the super ease of use and intuitive results of it I must say! Very proud of this video that I did… Very tempted to buy the program as well! Heh… Very hard to make me wanna pay for something that I can easily download one siah… =P

Leave me a message to let me know what you think! Intro me to good slideshow creators too if anyone know of any!

Cheerios! =)

Triple "F"s Satutrday: Friends, Food, Fun!!!

I am feeling so Xin Fu now… Just had my closest friends from 3 different stages (sec, poly, recent) of my life bump heads and enjoyed a really fun foodie Saturday together!

Started off with GB aka Guobao aka Baobao, Terri aka Ms Yeong aka Aries, Don aka Long Di (sec mates) and myself at Big Eat Out event at the Peranakan Museum hosted by the ppl from Even though it was a warm day, the atmosphere at the event was spirited! The tentage and food area were filled with enthusiastic foodies everywhere.

A kind macho soul from helped us take this GORGEOUS grp pic! Love the lighting and framing! Notice that we are all wearing white top and blue jeans?? =P (From Left: Terri, Me, Don, GB)

Highlight of the day was the gathering of famous Superstar Stalls of Singapore’s yesteryears traditional food at the carpark area just beside the museum. Being typical Singaporeans, we quickly queued up for the Poh Piah coz it had the longest queue after we bought our coupons…

Here are the rest of the DELICIOUS Food!!

This is what I ordered…

Chicken BuaKeluak: Erm… Sorry but I am disappointed with this dish. Had seen this on tv and wanted to try it for the longest time… was soooo excited when I saw it there and even bought a second set of coupons coz this with rice cost 7bucks… However, first experience failed coz the dish is quite cold, not as tasty as it looks and the chicken is overcooked… Sigh… -_-

Me with a table full of true blue Singapore Food from renowned stalls!!

Poh Piah: Super super yummy! One of its kind. I dig the generous amt of crispies and juicy fillings! ****
Indian Rojak: Nice, but not too special I guess… ***
Char Kway Tiao: Easily my FAV! Super fragrant, with heaps of cockles cooked to perfection!!! *****
Hokkien Mee: Yummy! Delicious and mouthwatering! ****

After eating, Sparky aka Xiao Wang Zi aka CM (My newfound Friend- Recent) joined us after his lunch for the Peranakan Museum tour at 3pm. The tour was really interesting as we get to know the intriguing and lavish way of life of the Peranakans!

Tour took about 1plus hour, and after that, Princess (Felicia, Poly & Life Bestie) decided to join us after work! Terri and Don left first for the Anime Fair at Suntec… By that time, Sparky (Oh, did I mentioned that he was the one that tell me about the event in the first place!) cannot resist but sample some morsels from the retro star stalls as well.. Afterwhich, we gave Princess a private tour of the museum with whatever memory of the tour we had earlier! (Believe me, we didn’t managed to memorise many details… Most are hantam “bullsh*ting” by yours truly!! Muahahahaha…)

(From Left: Princess, Me, Sparky)

And of course, we cam whores didn’t waste any chance to capture the jovial moments! That was the real “fun” part!!! Haha…

Prince Arty: My Nose! My Nose!!!

Prince Arty: Ahhhh!! I am telling you….. MY NOSE!!!!

Prince Arty: Ok, Seriously, your fingers stink a little! Hahaha…

Prince Arty: Ah Peh, watcha lookin’ at?

Poor GB helping us to carry our bags while we were busy cam whoring… Thanks Buddy!!!

Love this sign!! It is put on top of exhibits that are “feeling” a little under the weather…

To Singtel/ Starhub/ M1: Pick us up for your next advertisement pls!!

Nope, not in the recording studio… I am listening to… Erm… Some Peranakan info or something… Can’t really remember coz I JUST wanted to take a picture with it! Nice hor? Kekekeke…

Prince Arty: Hello, Yes, huH? Really ah? The price of vegetables at the MarkET gone UP by 50CENTS today??!!! Crawzzzzyyy LaH!!! Tsk.. tsk…tsk…

Last group pic on this flavourful Peranakan “Sofa” at the main hall b4 we leave… Ok, you caught us… We were tired and needed to rest our feet a little! But what’s wrong with taking another picture at the same time?? =P

Everyone loves RAINBOWS! There is one right outside the museum to bid us a fondly sweet goodbye as we take our leave! Nice…
After that, GB, Princess, Sparky and myself walked to Suntec and get Terri to join us for dinner! Too bad Busy Sparky gotta attend to an emergency call along the way and had to leave us at City Hall…

After meeting with the sulky-faced Terri (ok, she had waited quite some time for us coz we can NEVER seem to take enuf pictures at the museum… kekeke… sorry gal…), there comes our usual “forever” to decide on WHERE to eat!! Haaaa…. After miles of walking (ok, I am exaggerating here), and debates on “Here! There! Millenia! Novena?!!”, we decided on Suntec’s Joakim buffet since none of us have been there.

Haaa… Was on our way back to Suntec when this great shirt caught my eye! Gotta have it if its below $30… Dream ON! Kekekeke…
I have to say that the buffet was not bad at all for the price we pay. Location and food quality were way ABOVE average.

Glorious Steamboat!! *DrooLz*

GB: Ma See So Yo! (Korean: Delicious!)
Prince Arty: Itatakimas, Ohishii!! (Japanese: I’m gonna eat, Yummy!!)

Both: *SlurpZ* =P

I am feeling so blessed and ready for a blissful sleep now… erm… at least after I upload the pics!) Night night… Love you guys…. *HugZ*

*PS: Gosh! Its 5.10am after Pics loading!!!! My Beauty Sleep is OVER!!!!*