Science Centre with Princess and the Lovely Kids

Say Cheese! This very life-like T-Rex is now the greeting mascot of Science Centre.. Geez… Isn’t mascots supposed to be cute? This big guy is scary!!

My Dear Kids!! Aren’t they just adorable and model-lookin’?

Sushi Feast @ Downtown East!! All famished after a long day of fun at the Science Centre… *DrooLZ*

(PS: Thanks for the ride all the way across the island Felix!)

Princess Fel and Little Prince K.R.

Prince Arty and Little Princess Char

Spent a great day out with Princess, Charmaine and Keiren at the Science Centre. It had been ages since I’ve been there and this place never fails to amaze and educate me. Hmmm… I wonder why I complain when my teachers always brought us there when I was young. We also managed to catch the special Magic exhibition. Haaa… Those were the days man… I remembered when I was in secondary school, I used to “adopt” little chicks from them. I will call up and ask if there are any unwanted chicks from the hatchery exhibit (chicks hatch right in front of visitors in this hatchery dome). I have picked up about 6-8 chicks before from them! Haha… Thank you Science Centre!