Kai Samurai Spirit Special Edition Nail Clipper Review

So I was shopping at my favorite 24hr shopping mall in Singapore- Mustafa Centre in a foul mood just now.

Decided do some retail therapy…

Came across these zen + Jap looking nail cutters at the men’s grooming section and was instantly attracted to them coz I have been looking for a nail clipper for office (with cover to prevent the nails from flying everywhere when cutting) but cannot find, and these are really quite gorgeous looking! Simple and “Muji” feel…


The thing you should know is I am used to using Pasar Malam quality nail clipper all my life, appx <$1 each. Was a lil taken aback when the small Kai clipper cost like $3.90!

It might be because I am sick of using mediocre clippers, or that I'm simply in a bad mood and not thinking correctly, I circled the aisle 2 times in hesitation and decided to give this atas Kai Samurai Spirit Special Edition Nail Clipper a go.

Can't decide between the orange or white ones.. Picked a small white one in the end. The prices of other sizes are on the picture…

Lingered around the mall a bit more after I checked out my purchases, I chanced upon another aisle, selling all other brands of nail clippers. Manicare, Revlon.. And Kai pro series and ladies series of all sorts! Just when I thought $3.90 is expensive, those versions start from $8.40!! WTH!! They are not even made with Titanium!!! At this point, I'm quite certain that Kai is a branded product and actually quite happy with my special, manly edition that cost $3.90!


And now for the review…

The BEST $3.90 I can ever spend on a nail clipper!!! The Kai Samurai Spirit Special Edition nail clipper is true to its name! Cuts very cleanly and super smoothly, just like a Samurai doing a manicure for me! Ok, that was a lil too over exaggerating, but it’s good. Definitely the best nail clipper I have ever used. I also love the small embedded metal file plate that smoothens the edges of the nails! Finale to my now neat and short nails!

Guess my mood did improved abit after such a good buy and a pampering nail cutting experience.. Haha.. Now I can’t wait for my nails to grow so I can use this baby again! Oh wait! I haven’t done my toes! Gonna get to them tomorrow! Yay!!! =P

(PS: Are there any brands of nail cutters that you have used before that is as amazing? Do share! I’m now contemplating on getting the medium ones for home use! Hmmm… Lolx!!!)

Chef Arty’s Lazy No-Bake Chocolate Pie, Durian Pengat on a Rainy Sunday…

What do you do with:

1) Excess 70% Cocoa Lindt chocolates from the crazy sale at Value Dollar Shop;


2) Cheap but badly chosen, Not-So-Nice + under-ripe batch of Durian from the Pasar Malam;


3) Rainy Sunday that got you trapped at home? (This picture was taken at KSL hotel lobby and not my home by the way! Lolx!)


Yup, u got it!

1) Traditional No-Bake Chocolate Pie

2) Durian Pengat

Okie, if at this point, you are looking for a proper recipe, you are outta luck.. Coz am quite random when it comes to cooking.. That is why I can never bake a cake that requires precise measurements.. Cooking should be FUN and I love going with my gut, tongue and preference.. So if you are like me, you may use the following ingredients to make the simple, sinful and über delicious desserts! Let me know how yours turn out! =D

No-Bake Chocolate Pie

Crushed digestive biscuits
Melted butter

Combine all of them together (with hands) and press into shape into your preferred pie tray/ bowl.
Set in fridge for 1hr. Mine actually didn’t turn out too well and crumbles too easily. Think I added too little melted butter.

Chocolate Filling:
Melted chocolate
Cooking Cream
Whipped Cream (Gotta take note here: Whipped till peak is formed. Underwhip and ur filling will be too watery, over and the cream will collapse)

Cook melted chocolate, sugar and cream together and bring to a soft boil.
Fold in whipped cream into the slightly cooled mixture.
Pour into crust.
Set in fridge for a further 2hrs, or till you are ready to eat.

Durian Pengat

What you will need:
Cooking Cream (recommend using coconut cream. I used only cooking cream coz there were leftover from the chocolate pie)

Sugar (plenty)
Gula Melacca (very impt especially if you are not using coconut cream)
Pinch of salt

Boil durian and cream in slow fire. Add sugar and gula malacca. Cook till sugar melted and you get a mash-like consistency. Stir in a pinch of salt. Set aside pot to cool before putting in fridge for further 2-3hrs. Best served chilled. If you have some whipped cream, you can also garnish the dessert with little cream thorns like what I did!

*Tips on where to buy the best and cheapest ingredients:

Value Dollar Shop
Digestive Biscuits

Phoon Huat aka Red Man
Cooking Cream
Whipped Cream

Royal Sporting House Sale is ON!!

Ok… I know I have lotsa “in-betweens” to fill from last yearr till now, but I really have to blog this before the sales end on Saturday!!

Everyone… FLY down to the Royal Sporting House Sales at their Macpherson Warehouse (10am to 7pm now till Sat 28/03/09) now for crazy CRAZY deals!!

I’ve got myself 2 pairs of shoes (from Lacoste and Diesel mind you!), 1 pair of Slippers (Rider), 1 Wilson Titanium Badminton Racket and 1 Puma Duffel Bag (Large) for only $136.30!! That is even CHEAPER than the original price of a pair of Diesel shoes!! *HAPPY*

Check out my HAPPY PURCHASES!! =)

Break Down of Prices:

Lacoste Sneakers: Usual Price $109.00, I got it at $54.50!

Diesel Sneakers: Usual Price $149.00, I got it at $39.00!

Rider Slippers: Usual Price $43.90 (or more), I got it at $10.90!

Wilson TITANIUM Badminton Racket for My lil Bro Benny: $12.90 (think usual price is very expensive too!)

Puma Duffel (Large): Usual Price $69.00, I got it at $19.00!

Haha.. With that, you know my day had been good even though I just slept for 2hrs the previous night rushing for my website completion.

Woke up exceptionally early (0750HRS) today coz my Auntie is picking us up for this closed-door (invites only) airport staff Luxury Sale @ T3. Thank goodness we went there just right after the door opened if not we would have got a long long queue to get in line to.

Gave my mum $1000 budget to choose whatever she wants but in the end, we both ended up with nothing coz the Luxury items, though at least 40%-70% off, are still really expensive! Imagine brands like Hugo Boss, Fendi, Coach, Ferragamo, Bally, Tods, Jimmy Choo, and handbags that easily cost $6000 and even 60% off it still overshot my $1000 budget! And a T-shirt from Hugo cost like $350.. Something I WON’T pay for even if it is another 50% off!! Hahahaa… I am just so NOT used to the price tags of such luxury goods…

Afterwhich, my cousin then brought us to the Royal Sporting House Sale and I so went crazy as you can see.. The only setback though is the crowd (super crowded even though it was raining and the factory is not excatly that accessible), and Queue (we queued for 1HR 15MINS to PAY!!)
But again, only really good sales can draw this kinda crowd and I think its worth it… Ahhh.. I feel like going down again!! Dun feel right just buying 1 pair of Diesel when the gorgeous shoes cost only $39 (most designs!!!) Wahahahahahahaha….. =P