Heart-full vs Heartless

“长情乃常情,天下本无常,长情更纠缠也…” 雄小子道。

Suddenly in my reflection mode.

Buddhist teaching has always taught us about the impermanence of the universe, but how many of us can actually walk the walk?

I’ve seen so many great and ultra loving but sad people dwell in the state coz they simply couldn’t let go..

So does it mean one can only be happy if we are not so bounded by matters of the heart?

If so, how much can one let go till we are deemed heartless?

One can only wonder..

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Chef Arty’s Lazy No-Bake Chocolate Pie, Durian Pengat on a Rainy Sunday…

What do you do with:

1) Excess 70% Cocoa Lindt chocolates from the crazy sale at Value Dollar Shop;


2) Cheap but badly chosen, Not-So-Nice + under-ripe batch of Durian from the Pasar Malam;


3) Rainy Sunday that got you trapped at home? (This picture was taken at KSL hotel lobby and not my home by the way! Lolx!)


Yup, u got it!

1) Traditional No-Bake Chocolate Pie

2) Durian Pengat

Okie, if at this point, you are looking for a proper recipe, you are outta luck.. Coz am quite random when it comes to cooking.. That is why I can never bake a cake that requires precise measurements.. Cooking should be FUN and I love going with my gut, tongue and preference.. So if you are like me, you may use the following ingredients to make the simple, sinful and über delicious desserts! Let me know how yours turn out! =D

No-Bake Chocolate Pie

Crushed digestive biscuits
Melted butter

Combine all of them together (with hands) and press into shape into your preferred pie tray/ bowl.
Set in fridge for 1hr. Mine actually didn’t turn out too well and crumbles too easily. Think I added too little melted butter.

Chocolate Filling:
Melted chocolate
Cooking Cream
Whipped Cream (Gotta take note here: Whipped till peak is formed. Underwhip and ur filling will be too watery, over and the cream will collapse)

Cook melted chocolate, sugar and cream together and bring to a soft boil.
Fold in whipped cream into the slightly cooled mixture.
Pour into crust.
Set in fridge for a further 2hrs, or till you are ready to eat.

Durian Pengat

What you will need:
Cooking Cream (recommend using coconut cream. I used only cooking cream coz there were leftover from the chocolate pie)

Sugar (plenty)
Gula Melacca (very impt especially if you are not using coconut cream)
Pinch of salt

Boil durian and cream in slow fire. Add sugar and gula malacca. Cook till sugar melted and you get a mash-like consistency. Stir in a pinch of salt. Set aside pot to cool before putting in fridge for further 2-3hrs. Best served chilled. If you have some whipped cream, you can also garnish the dessert with little cream thorns like what I did!

*Tips on where to buy the best and cheapest ingredients:

Value Dollar Shop
Digestive Biscuits

Phoon Huat aka Red Man
Cooking Cream
Whipped Cream

Contradicting Me

I may seem independent but I’m hiding the needy and clingy me…

I appear strong so that you will never know how timid I can be…

I always look happy and chirpy, even when the monsters are eating my hearts out…

I explore offbeat places and declare to the world so you will never guess that I’m truly a 路痴…

I fake my confidence coz I’m afraid of losing…

I put up a brave-front so that you can never know how much I’m shaking inside…

I smile when I lose even though I will never admit defeat…

I’m fat, but if you say that, you’re dead, coz I’m ultra vain…

I say look into the mirror coz it never lie, thus I got a slimmer projection mirror instead…

I believe that one should stay true to oneself but I’m the biggest hermit crab myself…

I try to be polite, so you will always be nice to the badass inside…

I keep to my freaking principles even though all I wanted is to belong…

I prefer you to love me more but when you do, I’ll always love you much much more than you can ever love…

I demand so that you will never know I’m contented even if I am…

I say I’ll give up but I’ll always be the last one to move on coz I love you more than words can say…

I say I’m ok, but I’m thinking why the hell you just couldn’t step up…

I’m super friendly but I keep little friends…

I work extremely hard so I can be lazy and coz I’m not that smart…

I’m talkative about anything I remotely know so that I can hide my ignorance on the vast other things that I do not know…

I never regret coz life is too short I’d say, but it’s really just to protect my fragile ego anyway…

That’s me. Contradicting. Not exhaustive.

Love me if you dare…

~PrinceArty, July 2011

About the Heart, Mind and Soul

Sincerity, genuine love, care and concern, topped with actions transcends all languages.” -PrinceArty, Aug 2010

Many at times while fighting for our dreams, we do things merely out of the repayments that we get. However, when we do something that we truly believe in, with our hearts and soul no less, magical moments happen and the returns suddenly don’t seem to matter that much anymore…

Have been missing these magical moments as I grew older… Used to experience it more when I was in school… I may blame the society, but ultimately, I know I have the power to CREATE. Managed to feel some of it back thanks to my recent attempt in spiritual development, and also to the trio of amazing German kiddos!

So, gotta buck up and constantly remind myself to create actively, and lose myself no more as I near the passing of my quarter century duration on this Earth in less than 24hrs… Put the CHILD back into ME!!! =D