Week Flown By…

It’s scary how time flies even when I am doing nothing much at all! One whole set of weekdays simply passed me my from the last time I update this blog! What have I been doing the whole week??? Hmmmm… Let me think…


Nothing for the whole day… (apart from my fruitless attempts to pack up my room and catching the my Shi Xiong Di (The Ten Brothers) Drama Series on DVD. At night was down for an API (Asia Paranormal Investigators) meeting with the ppl from SHINE. Yupz, and it is also the day where I am official part of the API Family! Hurray! Hopefully I can deliver what I planned to…


Watched more DVDs (I wanna complete the serial)…Library with Mummy to return library books at CompassPoint… Borrowed more books… Ooh… And hogged 24PACKETS (1 Litre) of Dutchlady UHT milk home!! Cold Storage selling them off at $1.90, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!! Hahaha.. How can a milk boi like me resist?!! But to think of it… The offer is only coz they need to buy back consumers’ trust after the melamine scare… Hmmmm… Not that I care! They are simply delicious!!! Just that my arms almost broke when I carried them all the way home… Really in need of some serious calcium! Wahhahahaha…. Oh, and below is a picture of the new LCD TV I bought for my parents… Looks nice in the living room hor!

Pretty but messy living room after addition of the new LCD… Haa… Does it reminds u of my room? The messy gene is in me!! *Shrugs* =P

I finally finished the WHOLE 20 Episode serial!! Heee… Nice show… But the ending abit the not up to my expectation… Oh WellZ.. 20hrs of my life slipped me by… Went Tamp Giant with mum at night for another round of groccery shopping! Need to prepare my ingredients for creep picnic the next day… Went to peek at the price of the Dutchlady milk there: $1.90 each. NO one for one!! Yippy!!!!! The slog from Cold Storage was worth it! Hahahahaha….


Woke up early to prepare for my cooking… Cooked enough for family’s lunch too… Just that my dad and youngest bro not really veg person… They are SICK of my okonmiyakis! Hahaha.. Even though this attempt was much better than the previous one! My auntie came over and sampled and say I can open a shop to sell!! Heeeeee….. Of course I paiseh then say “no lah… long way to go…” but in my heart, I’m like “ahem, I KNOW THAT ALREADY!!!” Wahahahahahahahaha…. I know I know… THICK skin… That’s me!! =P
I intend the picnic to be a 3 course one, so I made “Italian fused Japanese Sweet Potatoe Mousse Canape” for appetiser! It looks great! Check it out! And ending the meal with light Japanese cheesecake coz I reckon we will be too full after the enormous okonomiyaki..

Italian fused Japanese Sweet Potatoe Mousse Canape

The Creepy Pinic was indeed CREEPILY FUN!! First, I met Sparky at Buangkok MRT Station. From there, we took a short bus ride to the LAST REMAINING Kampung in Singapore which is situated in the middle of nowhere on Buangkok Green… Cool place… Very serene.. Not creepy at all.. And the few villagers we met were very friendly… It’s almost as thou we travelled 30yrs back to the old Singapore… Where the Kampung Spirit still exsits… Where your door can be made of light wood and u are not afraid that ppl will break into… Love that place! We had our picnic dinner there before we moved on to the creepier night…

….Lim Chu Kang Cemetery….. Thank goodness that Alex offered to pick us up and join us on our cemetery tour on his Tuscon… I was seriously a *hi*ken over there…. Aargh.. Hate to admit it, but I was scared… I was the one who wanted a really creepy one, but one I reached there, the atmosphere totally overwhelmed me… I felt sooooo much like a intruder! It wasn’t my first time there in the afterdark hours, but never JUST 3 person!!

We walked around the Christian Cemetry first… Saw the oldest and prob the first few Christian tombs of the cemetry… And there was this one with 2holes that extend way below into the grave…….. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…. Sparky asked whether I would like to look into it… (Heart: WHAAT THEEE H***) But of coz I politely declined… *Rolled EyES* (PS: Those that are laughing at me now, you have to go to feel how scary it is…… bleah…)

Then comes the muslim cemetry… LAGI scary!! Luckily no one really wanna get down the car anyway… Phew….

Hindu Cemetry… Here, we get down because Sparky wanted to show us a tree that is wrapped in red cloth…. Urban legends says that ppl pray to the Indian Warrior Goddess Kalli at the special tree… By the way, Kalli happens to be the goddess that Adrian Lim (the TPY child killer) prayed to at home. And becoz Kalli is a really fierce goddess, no one prays to it at home!!! Anyway, ask me if u wanna know this cool scary story about Goddess Kalli, Adrian Lim and the Arrest… Very interesting tales from Sparky… We DID NOT manage to find that tree thou… Strange coz there was only 2plots of burial grounds for the Hindus (most Hindus believe in cremation), and the tombs are very sparsed out… Finding anything should be relatively easy.. No fate bah… Haaaaa… But we saw this playhouse-looking tomb of what looks like an infant grave… The huge playhouse over the tiny tomb makes it look so lonely… So isolated yet protected… Can feel the sinister mixture of love and obscene grieve of the parents that looked forward to the child for 9mths, yet have to say goodbye just shortly after…

We ended our night at the CREEPIEST ground of all…. The Chinese Cemetery… And the “FRESH” ones that is… OMG!!!!!!!!!!! *Rolled Eyes* They were still talking about how can we see the dunno what “whisp” thing… (According to BOTH of them, when the body starts to decompose, a gas will be produced. When the gas escapes outta the soil and interacts with the atmosphere, we can literally SEE small blue glowing gas balls!!!!!! Ahhhhh…. I feel like FAINTING!!!! Yes, I wanna go to cemetery to experience the peace and quiet and maybe a bit of eerieness… But NOT SEE anything!!! Gosh… What if we BREATH in any of those gas?!!!!

Anyone who knows me would know how terrified of “dead” stuff… I am even afraid of the pets that died in my house (ok, except small fishes and insects)… Let alone dead HUMAN!! Gasp!

And apparently there are no tombs above the freshly buried… YIKESS!! I swear I my heart was in my mouth when I saw the loose soils on the well defined 2M X 1M plots… Thank goodness we didnt have our picnic there…. Imagine a hand creeping out from below and ask for food??!! *Instant FaintX Picture* EEEEeeeeekkkksss…. That was seriously seriously one scary place I dun really wanna be again next time…

Actually, part of the reason why we are there at the “fresh” area is because we wanted to catch the 4D punters in action. Which, we didnt managed to find thou… It is said that the freshly buried souls are the best to ask for the winning numbers, coz of the grievences… But I am beginning to think that you need good guts for that! And no wonder the punters always travelled in grps of 10-15… Hahahaha…

Well, thats about it for my past week… Pathetic… I know… So many things to complete but not even half way through.. I need my motivation!!!!! Ooh… And I just finished downloading Little Nonya from MOBTV all the way to ESP 7! Yay!! I am soooo in love with the show! Time to chase another serial! Oops! =>.<=

Showcasing…. My FIRST Ever Okonomiyaki!!!


First trial to make Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) and it was a yummy success!!

Wanted to clear my tons of food stuff that I gathered from so many prized trip to the various parts of Japan before they all go bad… Japan is still my fav country to visit so far and the best buy from there is definitely FOOD! And their DAISO is like only 100yen = SGD1.34! Better and MORE quality stuff but cheaper than Singapore!

Ahh… Still remember my ridiculously heavy and stuffed cargo bags even thou its usually just a one night stay…. Kekeke…

Anyhow, dun even know why I kept thinking that there were noodles in okonomiyaki and bought 2 packs of yellow noodles from Buangkok NTUC last nite. Until today when I was staring at the noodles and dunno what to do with them! Silly me… Haha.. Maybe cook yakisoba for dinner… =P

Here are the pictures of my successful experiment! **DroolZ** =P


…After! **SlurPS** =)