Happy Birthday Sparky!

A Mango Vodka Sparkling Ribena Toast to my Newfound Fren: Sparky!
He now turned 22 but had already led numerous creepily fun ghost tours! He is even going to Zimbawee as a volunteer for a whole year in dec! ahhh.. this boi…
Happy Birthday Bud! May the future be full of endless opportunities for ya! Cheers! *Clink*

Oooh… And who says guys aren’t vain??!! This is yours truly’s face covered in mud/ clay… Love the way I look without acne scars with a mask over them.. Keke… And wait, wat’s better is that the mask is GREEN!! LOL!! =P

PS: Goodness.. Look at the state of my room I also wanna faint… How do I clear EVERYTHING?!!! aargh… Luckily the vodka is making me sleepy… Tmr is another day! Nightz Singapore… Kekekekeke…