Fun + Super Packed = Fun Packed Weekend? Who cares? *BeamZ* =P

Been some days since I last update here… Lotsa fun moment, lotsa fun (and gorgeous Arty’s) pictures to share!!

First and foremost, it would be:

Friday, 14th Nov 2008

Food Safari Home Electronics Fair@ Suntec

Went down to the fair really early coz I wanna grab the ultra cheap LCD TV for my parents wedding anniversary… Also coz the current TV in the living room is like going to DIE soon lah…

Ahhh… But missed most of it coz u know what a late boi I can be.. Keke… But I was still there before 12! It opens at 11am!! Dun even know whether the deals really exist… Got so many people buy LCD TVs meh?! LOL! I know I know.. I am the sour grape…

Anywayz, that would b e a blessing in disguise. Coz I was walking around and I caught this Sharp Aquos 42” LCD TV hourly promotion. At first its price tag was $2399. I was sceptical about how low the price can be… (By the way, it was held in a snatch bid kinda setting, only 5 sets for the first 5 person that rises up their hands.) When they turn the price over, I almost fainted!! It is only going at $1199!!! An amazing whole $1200 off!!! I instinctively raised up my hand and did a little jump and alas! I was one of the lucky 5… Due to the demand, another 5 sets was released but I dun care… Coz I am one of the FIRST 5!! Hahaha… But seriously that was CHEAP!!! $1199 includes the 42” HD Ready Sharp Aquos (Made in Japan, VERY Atas!! Haha..), installation, delivery and a $30 voucher coz I paid with my POSB Everyday Card! Super cool deal! Shaved off at least $300 off my budget!! **HAPPY**

And this is the card (ok, just the envelope) that I drawn to go along with the gift for my parents’ 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary… Geez… Marriage that sees ¼ of a Century… I wonder whether I can ever last that long in any relationship… Though not all smooth sailing, honey and dreamy, they managed to pull it through…

Heee… A bit like Primary School Standard but its the thoughts that counts!
Congratulations Mummy and Daddy!!!!!

After the fair, I managed to met up with Sparky. It was the actual day of his birthday and I made him the Mango Vodka Sparkling Ribena that I “toasted” to him online (See previous post pic).

It was fun to see him walk wobbly after that! My concoction is surely potent alright!! Heeee…. We went over to play some arcade games and that drunk boi managed to beat me at the Guitar Hero with PERFECT score a couple of times!!! SO irritating…

Went to watch Madagascar 2 with Alex at the new Filmgarde Cinema at Kallang LeisurePark at night…

It was a fantastically funny and touching animation. Disney had done it again and I like this better than the first one!! It is a journey of how genuine support of friends and families, with a hint of luck/ “unluck” fulfils wildest dreams. Especially touched by the Father and Son dialogue between Zuba and Alex (not MY Alex) when talking about being a REAL lion.

The way that Alex uses “his way” to save the day is also incredible. Almost like my own way of bringing some “bacon” home last time by being myself…. How I wish my dad is an alpha male too… A president or something… Hahaha…

All in all a delightful and heart-warming pre-weekend animation for all ages.

Saturday, 15th Nov 2008

Celebration of one of my best poly pal’s 25th Birthday- Tang Meng Lai.

She is definitely the joy of the class. Smart at work but totally silly at play, this pretty gal is a great friend!!

Check out the cool Party World pics! It almost felt like a rock concert that night! Hahaha….

The Songbirds from H01!!! Aahh… Angie, Jack and Sam, MISSSS YOU!!!!
We are Mean Babies!
Head Stackers!! Gorgeous at ANY angle!

Dun ask me why, but I seriously think we both look SEXY in this pic!!

We ROCK the HOUSE!!! Pearlynn Sing, We Dance!
I know I know… I look CUTE!! Kekeke… How can I miss my Zi Pai moments??
Ahhhh…. Tong Hua (Fairytale by Guang Liang), Anticipating the loud piano crash that somehow didn’t come… Did Party World sensored that part??
Group Photo!
Group Photo that says “We are YOUNG and Having FUN!”
Whee… Did that just sounds like a slogan?!! LOL!

Sunday, 16th Nov 2008

Sentosa Escapade!!

Alex drove me and Zai Zai to Sentosa for a day of sun tanning! I love having the fresh sunkissed look! Always wanted to be Mr Sunny and maybe can win in a impromptu pageant or something! Hahahaha… Either Mr Sunny or Mr Smile!

Should make my suntan sessions regular. Oh, and Zai Zai was really well behaved!! He even swam with me all the way over to the opposite island! And when he was cold and refused to swim anymore, he just guai guai go over to our belongings on the mat and wait for us patiently while we stay in the sea. He is soooo uber adorable!! Will so wanna bring him to the beach again soon!!

Me and Zai Zai on Sunny Sentosa! Dosen’t he look lazy?!! Keke..

Woooo… Love the lighting… The color of my skin looks great too!! =P

Nice Sky!
Ha! Who am I kidding??? Nice Smile + Tan + Eyes!!

Ok lah… For this one the sky really looks nice!! Just that I look better!!

Me and semi-drenched Zaizai on shore capturing some Kodak moments…
Snoozing a bit after all the fun…

Presenting… Sir Zai Zai! *SaluteS*

Food!! Glorious BBQ Food from Shin Kushiya @ Vivo!!

This Cheese wrap with Pork is Seriously YUMMY!!! Just thinking of it send me drooling…

**slurpz.. SlurpZ.. SLURPZ!**

(Zai Zai in the black bag: I also want some!!!)

Zaizai is truly tired today… A tired dog is a happy dog! We even gotta catch this BEAUTIFUL X’mas tree at Vivo! Gorgeous!!! Oh and did I mentioned this fortunate dog even got to sample some morsels from Shin Kushiya too?? From my plate of coz!! Hahahaha…