Heart-full vs Heartless

“长情乃常情,天下本无常,长情更纠缠也…” 雄小子道。

Suddenly in my reflection mode.

Buddhist teaching has always taught us about the impermanence of the universe, but how many of us can actually walk the walk?

I’ve seen so many great and ultra loving but sad people dwell in the state coz they simply couldn’t let go..

So does it mean one can only be happy if we are not so bounded by matters of the heart?

If so, how much can one let go till we are deemed heartless?

One can only wonder..

Photo Credits: http://chrisheightonphotography.co.uk

World Shocked By Air Tragedy, again. RIP MH17.

“..no matter how perfect creations are, there are always rotten eggs who are out to taint the world with fear…” ~PrinceArty, 18 Jul 2014

Woke up to yet another tragic news. Air travel is supposed to be the safest mode of transportation and it allows humankind access to other parts of the world.. However, seems like no matter how perfect creations are, there are always rotten eggs who are out to taint the world with fear.

Being an ex-cabin crew, I cannot begin to imagine how terrifying the whole trauma might be for all onboard. And the massive shock and sense of helplessness for all those whom are all prepared to welcome their loved ones at the airport. It is an Amsterdam flight.. The crew, majority based in Malaysia would have been away from home for quite a while.. Their families will never expect that the goodbyes they spoke probably a week ago are the last ones. The families will never be the same.

We need more love people. My heart is with the families and loved ones of MH17, MH370 and also to MH for the recent sagas.

#prayforMH17 #prayforMH370 #worldpeace

Pray For MH17For further updates and developments, visit: http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/site/mh17.html

Experience The Polar Bear World @ OCBC Aquatic Centre!

Ok, stop grinning. I know what you are thinking but this post has nothing to do with my body size (fine, maybe a little) but if you want to feel what a Polar Bear might feel in his aquarium, this is the only FREE way to do it in Singapore.

Simply hop over to OCBC Aquatic Centre for a swim. Firstly, unlike standard deep pools, your feet is unable to touch the ground (unless your neck to toes height is 3M) even on both ends of the pool. That means u will have to be pretty confident in water to swim here. The seemingly harmless indoor pool has another surprise for you. The water is FREEZINGLY COLD!! I almost jumped out of my skin when I plop myself in the water. And I couldn’t even if I’d wanted to coz my feet couldn’t even bounce off the ground (3 meters deep, remember?).

Anyway, a quick check with the lifeguards reveals that the pool is in fact kept cooler than regular pools, 27°C to be exact so that our local athletes are perfectly competent in other countries where the water temperature is lower (international competition standard is between 25°C to 27°C). It may sound like barely 10°C below our body temperature, heck, even aircons in offices are below 22°C but you must really experience it yourself to feel how darn cold is it when enveloped in 27°C water.

However, after the initial shock, the surrounding transformed into total bliss.. The water is clean and spotless without the overwhelming smell of chlorine. It even tasted refreshingly sweet when it touches my lips and some on my tongue! For a moment, the depth, temperature, vastness of the water body brought me into another world.. The aquatic world.. Akin to aquariums, not unlike the wet enclosure of polar bears..

After 30 laps of continuous swimming (kinda no play/ leisure swim there coz you will obstruct other lap swimmers), what welcomes me when I exit the pool was the warm and comfortable air of the atmosphere. No chance of catching a chill coz the water is much colder than the surrounding air..

Perfect ending to a Thursday night. Bliss~~

20140710-232940-84580428.jpg My post swim selfie. Look at how pale my face is after soaking in the cold water for slightly over 1hr…

Below are some other highlights/ reviews of OCBC Aquatic Centre:


– FREE entry! At least for the month of July 2014! =D

– Free lockers of various sizes in the changing room! Cleverly designed number lock lockers means u do not have to have a key dangling from your wrist or ankle (some even IN their swim trunks). There are also inbuilt hooks that will keep your clothing in place.

– Hair dryer. Need I say more? How else did I managed a decent post swim selfie without it? =P

– Changing room is so humongous you can fit at least 3 teams of World Cup players inside (including coaches and reserves). There are even private rooms for athletes!

-Water heater. Yes, u read it right. A warm shower after a swim is sooooooo pampering!!!

– Lifeguards are all good lookers who are polite, professional and always willing to share with you the facts and etiquette of swimming at the centre. Very proud to have them as the ambassadors of our national pool!

-Great for serious swimmers. You wun find a bunch of kids having their training in the middle of the pool while doing your laps.

-Awesome for non-swimmers too! Just tell the counter that u are there for a visit and you’ll get complimentary pass to just look see.. The spectator stand is beautifully designed and superb for selfies!

– Everything is new, clean and works great! – Oh, and did I mentioned that the lifeguards are darn good looking? =P


-Short and limited opening hours to public. 10am to 2pm and 8pm to 10pm. The rest of the hours are reserved for athletes training. Visitors just need to collect your complimentary (for now) passes from the counter. Gates will only be open during those times.

– Water flow in the shower cubicles can be strengthened. I took a rather long time to wash off the soap..

– The aquatic centre is actually located a distance away from Stadium MRT Station. But again, it will ensure you have enlightened warm ups to prevent unwanted cramps when swimming.

– The blue covers of jump boards at the edge of the pool (to prevent unauthorized use) are rather hideous and look untidy. But that could be just me picking faults)

All in all, it has been a honor swimming in the same pool where champions compete. Will wanna pop by more often after work! At least during this month when everything is FREE! =) 20140710-233110-84670361.jpg My complimentary pass! Yay! 20140710-233111-84671206.jpg Thank you for the great workout experience and evening OCBC Aquatic Centre! 

For more information and updates on OCBC Aquatic Centre, visit their official website at http://www.sportshub.com.sg/venues/Pages/ocbc-aquatic-centre.aspx

Save My World

So I was on the cab to meet my client and the driver took a wrong turn that will likely extend my trip by 10mins (which is apparently a grave offence in Singapore). He apologies profusely and I just smiled and kept assuring him that it’s fine. People makes mistakes and sometimes you just gotta ‘let it go’. *cue Idina Menzel*

You may think that I am a pushover, but if everyone can be kinder to everyone else, the world would be a much more pleasant place wouldn’t it? =)

Ps: Thankfully I had a little extra time provision for travel. Hopefully I will meet kind client too.


Contradicting Me

I may seem independent but I’m hiding the needy and clingy me…

I appear strong so that you will never know how timid I can be…

I always look happy and chirpy, even when the monsters are eating my hearts out…

I explore offbeat places and declare to the world so you will never guess that I’m truly a 路痴…

I fake my confidence coz I’m afraid of losing…

I put up a brave-front so that you can never know how much I’m shaking inside…

I smile when I lose even though I will never admit defeat…

I’m fat, but if you say that, you’re dead, coz I’m ultra vain…

I say look into the mirror coz it never lie, thus I got a slimmer projection mirror instead…

I believe that one should stay true to oneself but I’m the biggest hermit crab myself…

I try to be polite, so you will always be nice to the badass inside…

I keep to my freaking principles even though all I wanted is to belong…

I prefer you to love me more but when you do, I’ll always love you much much more than you can ever love…

I demand so that you will never know I’m contented even if I am…

I say I’ll give up but I’ll always be the last one to move on coz I love you more than words can say…

I say I’m ok, but I’m thinking why the hell you just couldn’t step up…

I’m super friendly but I keep little friends…

I work extremely hard so I can be lazy and coz I’m not that smart…

I’m talkative about anything I remotely know so that I can hide my ignorance on the vast other things that I do not know…

I never regret coz life is too short I’d say, but it’s really just to protect my fragile ego anyway…

That’s me. Contradicting. Not exhaustive.

Love me if you dare…

~PrinceArty, July 2011

A New Beginning


I used to be a camwhore, yup, much more so than now! But recently, I begin to appear in much lesser pics coz I think I look fat. Alright, I’m fat.
Being pudgy is no doubt cuddly, but it also made me feel less confident.. And I really dun have the determination, will and time like 8yrs ago to downsize the healthy n correct way, aka dieting n exercising!
I still love myself, but figure it wun hurt trying out something that is 有用、好用,一定要用!Hopefully I will begin to look great in pictures again!!! Wish me luck! =D

PS: For those who tried Reduze before, do share with me your experience and success stories!

Results from PrinceArty: Okay, it’s useless and the pills stink like crazy!!! Give it a miss.