JB New Custom- Bangunan Sultan Iskandar

This magnificent looking complex officially went into operation on 16th Dec. Thus, being a bummer and M’sia fan I am, grabbed Alex, who happens to be on his block leave to pay this much debated building a visit the very next day on 17th Dec 2008.
Seriously, I was quite awed by the outlook of this grand architecture! I mean it is even comparable to Changi Airport!! And being in the second day of operation, this place is neat and spotless!
The highly talked about efficiency really needs a boost though. With a bigger building, I took a much longer time to clear through the channels even though the traffic was pretty light. I see no point and so many vehicle gantries when there are only 2 lanes for buses, cars and the in betweens! The jam is totally uncalled for. And the process of immigration clearance seems to take on a more “manual” approach. I was third in the queue but it seems forever before it’s my turn. Apart from the usual scanning of passport, now, they even manually key in your passport number, expiry, and even birth dates!
And another thing to commend is that the complex links directly with City Square. That feels so much safer than having to bypass all the old streets with the old complex. However, the neverending circling route that connects you to mall is a terribly strenuous walk!! It is a super super long road! I have no idea whether this is credited to poor planning, or crowd management strategy. I just think about the elderly who have difficulties in walking, and the Malaysians or Singaporeans who have to travel through this route everyday!!! Try it out and you will know what I mean.All in all, definitely a very successful work of art, but desperately in need of improvements for humanity sake.

Catch up from 2008… LOADS to CATCH UP!!!

I remembered screaming “Happy 2009!!” on my way to Genting and now is already 12 March 2009!! Almost felt that time had passed me by and left me behind… Alright, I shall be a good boi and continue my blog from here… Really dun wanna be Mr 3 Minutes (San Fen Zhong Re Du- As per Princess Fel) this time so that I will have my life to read after I grow old… Heee… And for thoes waiting, sorry for such a long wait! Hope you will happen to chance on the fact that I continued…. First, lets start off with my various gatherings and outings…. Sec Sch mates + Princess to JB Aeon JUSCO and the new TESCO (right beside Aeon) Finally a TESCO is up within convenient distance. The nearest TESCO that I used to go before this JB one would have to be Malacca. Being a grocery shopaholic, this hypermart is heaven to me! Check out our “suaku” pictures that screams to the whole world that “we are TOURISTS!!!”

1: Alex and Terri for sale! (been there for about 2 weeks liao! Any takers? 80%?) LOLX!! =P
2: I hate cha chan ting. Dun ask me why.. The rest love it so we went… Dun fancy the food at all but that dosent mean I can’t pose for the camera! Hee.. =)
3: A really cute GIANT Doremon is what it takes to expose our TOURIST identity! I cannot stand myself sometimes.. But what to do?? It is HUGE and ADORABLE!! Hahahaha…
4: Artistic picture taken by yours truly of the 2 gorgeous ladies in TESCO’s Kenny Rogers…
5: Dun look at our smiley faces. The food at their Kenny Rogers really quite CMI… Very different from Singapore’s yummy Kenny ROgers… Dunno why also… And its BAD across state… I tried some pretty yucky dishes at Kenny Rogers Genting too!! =X Service stuff were really nice there though! =)
6: Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn, simply different sodas with a scoop of ice cream! Haha.. Clever way to market floats. Pretty for the camera too!