Showcasing…. My FIRST Ever Okonomiyaki!!!


First trial to make Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) and it was a yummy success!!

Wanted to clear my tons of food stuff that I gathered from so many prized trip to the various parts of Japan before they all go bad… Japan is still my fav country to visit so far and the best buy from there is definitely FOOD! And their DAISO is like only 100yen = SGD1.34! Better and MORE quality stuff but cheaper than Singapore!

Ahh… Still remember my ridiculously heavy and stuffed cargo bags even thou its usually just a one night stay…. Kekeke…

Anyhow, dun even know why I kept thinking that there were noodles in okonomiyaki and bought 2 packs of yellow noodles from Buangkok NTUC last nite. Until today when I was staring at the noodles and dunno what to do with them! Silly me… Haha.. Maybe cook yakisoba for dinner… =P

Here are the pictures of my successful experiment! **DroolZ** =P


…After! **SlurPS** =)