Heart-full vs Heartless

“长情乃常情,天下本无常,长情更纠缠也…” 雄小子道。

Suddenly in my reflection mode.

Buddhist teaching has always taught us about the impermanence of the universe, but how many of us can actually walk the walk?

I’ve seen so many great and ultra loving but sad people dwell in the state coz they simply couldn’t let go..

So does it mean one can only be happy if we are not so bounded by matters of the heart?

If so, how much can one let go till we are deemed heartless?

One can only wonder..

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World Shocked By Air Tragedy, again. RIP MH17.

“..no matter how perfect creations are, there are always rotten eggs who are out to taint the world with fear…” ~PrinceArty, 18 Jul 2014

Woke up to yet another tragic news. Air travel is supposed to be the safest mode of transportation and it allows humankind access to other parts of the world.. However, seems like no matter how perfect creations are, there are always rotten eggs who are out to taint the world with fear.

Being an ex-cabin crew, I cannot begin to imagine how terrifying the whole trauma might be for all onboard. And the massive shock and sense of helplessness for all those whom are all prepared to welcome their loved ones at the airport. It is an Amsterdam flight.. The crew, majority based in Malaysia would have been away from home for quite a while.. Their families will never expect that the goodbyes they spoke probably a week ago are the last ones. The families will never be the same.

We need more love people. My heart is with the families and loved ones of MH17, MH370 and also to MH for the recent sagas.

#prayforMH17 #prayforMH370 #worldpeace

Pray For MH17For further updates and developments, visit: http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/site/mh17.html

Save My World

So I was on the cab to meet my client and the driver took a wrong turn that will likely extend my trip by 10mins (which is apparently a grave offence in Singapore). He apologies profusely and I just smiled and kept assuring him that it’s fine. People makes mistakes and sometimes you just gotta ‘let it go’. *cue Idina Menzel*

You may think that I am a pushover, but if everyone can be kinder to everyone else, the world would be a much more pleasant place wouldn’t it? =)

Ps: Thankfully I had a little extra time provision for travel. Hopefully I will meet kind client too.


PrinceArty turns 26!

Happy Birthday to me!! Yay!! Going to Universal Studios finally with Mr Lim and Princess!!! Super crazy surprises!

Too much even for a 26yo bday boy… Great pressies, Fan Club Simply ARTIFIED! , many MANY well wishes…. I am feeling soooooooooooo BLESSED and PAMPERED!!

Share my joy and happiness everyone!

My Birthday wish this year, (same as any other years or when wishing upon a shooting star): World Peace! So, all of you are included!!! Cheers!!!

About the Heart, Mind and Soul

Sincerity, genuine love, care and concern, topped with actions transcends all languages.” -PrinceArty, Aug 2010

Many at times while fighting for our dreams, we do things merely out of the repayments that we get. However, when we do something that we truly believe in, with our hearts and soul no less, magical moments happen and the returns suddenly don’t seem to matter that much anymore…

Have been missing these magical moments as I grew older… Used to experience it more when I was in school… I may blame the society, but ultimately, I know I have the power to CREATE. Managed to feel some of it back thanks to my recent attempt in spiritual development, and also to the trio of amazing German kiddos!

So, gotta buck up and constantly remind myself to create actively, and lose myself no more as I near the passing of my quarter century duration on this Earth in less than 24hrs… Put the CHILD back into ME!!! =D

Heal the World with Love… Not Violence…

Just back from my satisfying late night dinner at Bedok famous soupy Ba Chor Mee and received the bad news from my bro that the Singaporean Hostage in Mumbai- Ms Lo is found dead at 9.35pm…

Ahhh… Though she is nobody to me, but I instantly felt a strange deep pierce in my heart… Was so hopful when PM Lee announced that Singapore will do whatever it takes to make sure she comes back safely… She is only 28, a lawyer no less. With a bright future ahead and just got married last yr… It is sooooo unfair that she had to leave in fear at this prime time of her life…

I guess it strikes a chord badly coz I know the feeling of being alone in a hotel room in a remote place faraway from home.. I can only imagine how terrified and helpless I will feel… I am glad that I stopped flying… But this can happen to anyone, any place, anytime…

Terrorism is so HATEFUL. I know you guys need to send out messages or complete ur missions… But cant you use any better ways other than cruel killings and destructions?

My heart goes out to the affected family… I am shaken by the news… Imagine the utmost confusion and desperation they must be feeling now… Sighz…

The world is in need of healing… Love is the only way…