Random Stuff In CRAZY Times

Amidst my crazy days now with projects. assignments, competitions, business plans (MULTIPLE) all due, I did some pretty random stuff…

My new bed frame finally arrives after close to a month of waiting and months of sleeping with the mattress on the floor… (My last one broke and at first I tot it was quite ZEN to have the mattress on the floor.. Until I start to have backaches!)

The Hush Puppies Dreamlinen 420 Threadcount Bed Sheet (as shown in pic) that I SpeciaLLY got from Mustafa to “welcome” my new frame was really disappointing though… Totally overrated! I got even madder when the size dun even fit the super-single bed snugly! More like a sheet designed for a middle size btn Super single and Queen! It is a FITTED SHEET for goodness sake! Trust me to pay so much extra for the brand, tc and “Dreamlinen” range… It is seriously not much difference from the regulars.. Even my FAV Mickey sheet is more comfortable!! HaizKena cheated…

Got a craving for egg tarts the day before and decided to make some myself by following a Youtube video…

Quite simple to make actually! Especially with Chef Benny’s assistance. You can check it out from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwHpzosMTpI

The custard taste great! The skin was quite tasteless though…

Dun have to follow the recipe exactly.. Let me know if anyone wanna make. I had modified the recipe and make another batch again yesterday. The skin taste way better! Yum!!

Oh, and the pink ones you see are Strawberry Egg Tarts! I just replaced regular milk with strawberry milk coz it was on sale… Heee… The results: Berry Yummy Pink Tarts!! =P

Finally got a whole new set of WHITE dishes that I wanted for the longest time from Ikea!
Decided to do a little fine-dining styled dinner for my family! Twee Bak was on offer that day at Giant and there you go: Crispy Pork on Bed of Rosti with Roasted Carrots.

And this is by far the most random thing I did! (23rd July 2009)

My Parents woke me up really early: 9.45am (Ok, not THAT early but I slept at 5am last night coz was trying to complete my project) to just to go Pulau Ubin!!!

My dad wanna visit the Tua Pek Gong temple there and thus, everyone who were at home were mobilised…

Not that I mind coz I love the great air and greeneries of Ubin, and I am actually quite keen to go back to the temple that we used to frequent back in my poly days… But I am simply TOOOOOOOO BUSY!! Ahhh… I need a break…. Desperately….

And over there, we went to another new temple that was introduced by my dad’s friend’s wife.. She claimed that the fortune teller there is like super “ZHUN” and asked us to go too!

Heee.. I am quite a sucker for fortune telling! Too bad I can’t remember my birth time.. So have to go another time…

I intend to go with fellow 同志s: Alex and Terri!

One nice thing about the place is that they dun overcharge, only $12 to 批八字(life analysis). And for those really poor folks who cannot even afford that amount but need guidance, they can pay any amount they can… Not forceful about the money at all.. That is a nice change to this ultra monetary society ehz?

Check out some of the pictures we took:

Raymond (My Second Bro) and Me. Trying to position to “make” our face smaller than each others’ in the picture! But being the owner of this blog, of course I choose the one that I am smaller in! Hahaha….

Raymond and Dad at the Jetty.

Mum and Dad at our Ubin Fav Haunt: Tua Pek Gong Temple

Me 自拍at the Tua Pek Gong Temple

Haha… Love this shot! Isn’t my Mummy Sooooooooo UBER CUTE!!!! Love her!!!!!

We were on our way to the new temple in the van… It’s min $5 per way. If more than 5 pax, its $1 per pax… Quite reasonably priced…

Heee… And how can I resist to use another great 自拍shot to end this blog? Nice right? =P

Alright… Back to work now!!! Aargh….

25 Years of Familyhood

Tuesday, 18th Nov 2008
Today is the official day when my parents wedded 25 years ago! Haaa… And to think I am already 24! How time flies!! Keke… And this also confirms I am not a shotgun baby! LOL!
Me and my dear Mummy and Daddy! Who do I look like more? =P

Too bad my TV gift can’t arrive in time today coz the next earliest delivery is on Friday… So looking forward to it and my endless hours of DVD movies and serials… Hahaha…

Went to Sakura for a lovely celebratory lunch with my whole family then shop around the newly refurbished Downtown East and E! Hub.

Yummy Buffet @ Sakura!!!

Just not very satisfied with the attitude of counter and welcome staff. Both are a tad abrupt and rude. But the food was not bad this time…

Arthur’s Rule: No matter how full you are, there is ALWAYS room for desserts…

…Lots of DessertS!!! Kekekeke….

There was a feeling of nostalgia amidst the cheerful Christmas decorations decked up everywhere… It was such a long time since the whole family just hamg out together like this… I miss the good old days… Poor, but we have each other all the time… With us growing up and having our own individual life, such excursions are rare… Really treasure it. Hope it wouldn’t be long till the next one!!

Me, Geeky in Specs

The Terrific Trios!
(From Left: Benny, Me, Raymond)
Mum and Dad! Yup, they simply adore the Madagascar life-size cutouts!
Cool Pic that I took for Mum! Nice ehz?
Who is this cute tan dude in the laser entrance?? Me of course! Hahaha…. =P
Yes, we all have our fair share of disagreements and ideas, but at the end of the day, I still love my family. Even though if given a choice, I might not wanna choose them to be my family, but I know neither will they want such a tyrant like me! Haha…

Lovey Doves…

Congratulations once again Mum and Dad! Love you guys! *MuackZ*