Christopher Robin- Be Yourself?

For fellow Disney Fans who have yet catch Christopher Robin, I urge you to do so before it gets pulled down!

I actually wasn’t keen on watching coz I was never a fan of Pooh, but went for it anyway coz of the awesome reviews.

And I’m glad I did.

It felt as though Disney is dedicating this film to all the fans that have grown up through the years. Sometimes, we forget the things that are truly important in our life as we try to bash through the journey of life…

Reminders and words of wisdom dished throughout the movie will enlighten and nudge one to ponder + realign life goals and values.

One scene that particularly struck me was the dialogue between Christopher (CR) and Pooh (P) in the phone booth.


CR: Look, you can’t just keep saying hello to people. People can’t see you moving and talking.

P: But why?

CR: Because… because you are different. And.. and people don’t like things that are different.

P: So.. I shouldn’t be me?

CR: No.. no no.. You should always be yourself.

P: This is all very confusing…

CR: For now, just try and be a less exuberant you.

P: Ex-Pooh-berant?

CR (trying to explain): Flop, Sag, Go Limp..

P (repeats): Flop.. Sag.. Go Limp..

CR: How about.. I know.. I got it, how about playing naptime?

P: I love play!

CR: Well, let’s see it!

P: Like this? (Pooh plonked his head with a thud against the phone booth glass wall)

I was so moved by this scene especially with the recent political spotlights. Sure, we should always be ourselves, but yet, to be less exuberant and just flop, sag and go limp..

True that people don’t necessary like things that are different.. But.. Why do one always have to fit in?

With that loud thud of Pooh’s head against the glass wall resounding painfully, I rest my case…

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