Love of a BIG Man

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Was watching one of my all time fav TV- Desperate Housewives and am super moved by this scene so I shared… The script is too well written and goes straight to my heart… Definitely the mindset of a perfect husband. But how many of these men are there in this real world? And who is really that BIG enough to really do this? Let me know what you think… =)

“Tom: Hey Roy, can I talk to you?

Roy: Sure thing, pally. Here, take a load off. If it’s about me getting into it with your wife though, I have to stop you first and say I’m sorry. I mean, I know times have changed, but a man’s still a man. And you deserve to have your wife respect you.

Tom: She respects me plenty, Roy. Here’s the thing you gotta understand about Lynette. She grew up without her dad. Her mom was a drinker. So she had to be responsible for everyone.

Roy: Yeah, well, that’s rough.

Tom: Yeah. It left her with this constant fear that everything could suddenly fall apart. And that’s why she needs to control everything. Of course, she can’t. Nobody can. But… She can control me… If I let her. So I do. Because it makes her feel safe. And that is my job, as her husband… to make her feel safe.
Roy: You’re a good man, Scavo.
Tom: I try.” -Tom Scavo, Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 5.