About the Heart, Mind and Soul

Sincerity, genuine love, care and concern, topped with actions transcends all languages.” -PrinceArty, Aug 2010

Many at times while fighting for our dreams, we do things merely out of the repayments that we get. However, when we do something that we truly believe in, with our hearts and soul no less, magical moments happen and the returns suddenly don’t seem to matter that much anymore…

Have been missing these magical moments as I grew older… Used to experience it more when I was in school… I may blame the society, but ultimately, I know I have the power to CREATE. Managed to feel some of it back thanks to my recent attempt in spiritual development, and also to the trio of amazing German kiddos!

So, gotta buck up and constantly remind myself to create actively, and lose myself no more as I near the passing of my quarter century duration on this Earth in less than 24hrs… Put the CHILD back into ME!!! =D


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