I Strike 4D!!!

The thing is my dad came into my room when he returned home from work at around 3am in the morning (yeah.. I was still doing work at that time myself). He excitedly announced to me that I won 4D!!!

3108- My Bday, $2Big, $1 Small ibet.

Whhhhooooow! My heart skipped a beat.

Went online ecstatically to confirm on Singapore Pools.

Strike 0183. Consolation.

Used the prize calculator.

Won: $6. #$!%#*&^

That’s it. My first ever winning after randomly buying 4Ds for so many years is a pathetic single digit! Aaaaaaarghhhhhhhhh………………..

WTH! I dun even feel “CONSOLATED!!!”


2 thoughts on “I Strike 4D!!!

  1. Hahahahaha… why do you want to buy I bet in the first place?! you have the same incident that my friend had. We even calculated for him, and in the end he realise that he bought I bet, but my friend got 11 dollars ;p

  2. I back after a 1yr break! Thanks for the comment! Haha… Ibet coz its cheap mah… And after that I totally dun feel like buying 4D much! Not a very lucky in sweepstake person… Won anything for the past year? =)

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