The Proposal

Went to watch The Proposal for a mini treat after I FINALLY submitted my PDCE biz proposal. I am so hoping it wun come back to me again. I am having nightmares after facing it for close to 8months! Ever since my application for the MICA funding!
Anywayz, back to the movie! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!
Definitely one of the must watch of the year!
Even though the main story of a secretary (Ryan Reynolds) falling in love with a crazy boss (Sandra Bullock) over a weekend is a lil far fetched for me, but the hilarious yet clever plot fully make up for it.
The drop dead gorgeous main casts alone is worth spending your money on. Oh, and did I mentioned the ultra cute white fluffy puppy in the show? I wanna get one of those! Still can’t figure whether it is a Jap Spitz or a American Eskimo dog.
Acting is superb, cinematography is great and the soundtracks are just divine. Lots of love, fun and laughter. Bring your partners but leave the kids at home this time though… Too much skin is being exposed. Read: Sandra- naked except for her hands in front of her boobs and a tiny towel covering down under. Ryan- totally naked and stuck to bare bodied Sandra. Eye feast for adults but might be uncomfortable for parents who wants to leave the discussion of body anatomies with your 4yr olds till a few years later.
Catch it. No regrets! =)
If you need more proof, just check out the review entries from Jon and Sparky
Have fun!

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