I Strike 4D!!!

The thing is my dad came into my room when he returned home from work at around 3am in the morning (yeah.. I was still doing work at that time myself). He excitedly announced to me that I won 4D!!!

3108- My Bday, $2Big, $1 Small ibet.

Whhhhooooow! My heart skipped a beat.

Went online ecstatically to confirm on Singapore Pools.

Strike 0183. Consolation.

Used the prize calculator.

Won: $6. #$!%#*&^

That’s it. My first ever winning after randomly buying 4Ds for so many years is a pathetic single digit! Aaaaaaarghhhhhhhhh………………..

WTH! I dun even feel “CONSOLATED!!!”

A Happy Journey Starts Like That Competition

To all of you who wanna have a glimpse of how GORGEOUS Arthur might look like as a female counterpart, this is your chance!

I’ve just submitted my video entry!

Check it out at http://stompcast.stomp.com.sg/video/2030 now!

Heez… The kind administrator named me the Man of a Thousand Faces in the tag description!! I’m so flattered! Lolx!

And got a phone interview with them and think my video will be featured on Friday’s 我报! Keep a look out! Soooooooo Exciting!! I wanna win!! =P

The Proposal

Went to watch The Proposal for a mini treat after I FINALLY submitted my PDCE biz proposal. I am so hoping it wun come back to me again. I am having nightmares after facing it for close to 8months! Ever since my application for the MICA funding!
Anywayz, back to the movie! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!
Definitely one of the must watch of the year!
Even though the main story of a secretary (Ryan Reynolds) falling in love with a crazy boss (Sandra Bullock) over a weekend is a lil far fetched for me, but the hilarious yet clever plot fully make up for it.
The drop dead gorgeous main casts alone is worth spending your money on. Oh, and did I mentioned the ultra cute white fluffy puppy in the show? I wanna get one of those! Still can’t figure whether it is a Jap Spitz or a American Eskimo dog.
Acting is superb, cinematography is great and the soundtracks are just divine. Lots of love, fun and laughter. Bring your partners but leave the kids at home this time though… Too much skin is being exposed. Read: Sandra- naked except for her hands in front of her boobs and a tiny towel covering down under. Ryan- totally naked and stuck to bare bodied Sandra. Eye feast for adults but might be uncomfortable for parents who wants to leave the discussion of body anatomies with your 4yr olds till a few years later.
Catch it. No regrets! =)
If you need more proof, just check out the review entries from Jon and Sparky
Have fun!

Swensens One for One Dessert Buffet

As promised, this is the voucher for you to enjoy the one-for-one promotion at Swensons @ Ion Orchard.

Just print the picture out in any size, black and white/ color and present it to the staff.

Take note that queue might be long. And if you go before 5, there is a current instore one-for-one promo already so you dun have to bring this voucher… If you need anymore details, just gimme a call or email to arthuroks@gmail.com! I’ll be glad to help… =)

Have fun stuffing urself with desserts! Hahaahaha…

Suddenly remember this funny line from donkey years back:

“If you cannot lose weight, you can always make your friends fat!” *Evil GrinZ*

August 09

Been through some events lately… And here are some pictures to share!

Where Got Ghost? Gala Premiere + Spooky Tour

From Top, Left to Right:

  1. Movie Gala Night! I look nice right? =P
  2. Cast and Directors of “Where Got Ghost?”
  3. Jack and Cast in our cinema for a short intro before the show.
  4. In the seats with my big gala passes.
  5. Group photo with API gang @ the Gala. (From left: Lisa, Sparky, Charles, Javier, Shaney, ME!)
  6. Me posing with the poster.
  7. The 3 Musketeers after the Spooky Tour: Tiger, Arty and Sparky!
  8. Posing with Up Poster! Tiger does look like Russell! Haha
  9. Me at Suntec after Spooky tour…
  10. Me and scandal of the night… SBG!!! =P

Was invited to the Gala Premiere of Jack Neo’s lateset movie “Where Got Ghost?” as I was conducting a spooky tour with API for the movie promotion. I was the Guides-in-charge that night and thank goodness, I have an army of very very capable guides that did a super great job! Kudos to Javier, Shaney, Tiger, Serene, Molemole, and of course my partner SBG! I am so proud of you guys! Thank you for making my job so much simpler! And of course, the success goes to everyone who had worked really hard for this massive event together! Good work Sparky as the overall IC! =)

National Day 2009
From Top, Left to Right:
  1. Me and the birthday cakes.
  2. Me and ZaiZai all decked out in Red!
  3. Group Pic! (From Left: Iman, Guobao, Siti, Don, Terri, Alex, Me and ZZ).
  4. Toast for Singapore! “YUMMMMM SENGGGGG!”
From Top, Left to Right:
  1. Me, Terri and ZZ posing with Singa.
  2. Me, Alex and ZZ on the picnic mat.
  3. Me and ZZ with Singa
  4. Just look at the huge crowd behind us!
  5. Teaching ZZ how to play Uno. Yup, I was THAT bored while waiting for the rest to come!
  6. Parade is starting and we are sitting on the bench in front of the floating screen.
  7. Me and ZZ with the Singa closest to our picnic ground which is now infested with other ppl!
  8. Smile for Singapore!
Happy 44th Birthday Singapore! Nope, no NDP tickets this yr, but we had a blast anyway! Got some of my closest friends with me to put up a potluck picnic to celebrate Singapore’s birthday together!
Was at Esplanade since 1.45pm to CHOP good place with Mr Lim and ZaiZai… Sun was blazing hot but the spirit of National Day in the air is everything I need to keep me going!
Terri, Don, Siti, Abang (Iman), and GB join us subsequently and while waiting for the parade to start, we started to go old school with games such as Old Maid, Donkey, Snap and Happy Family! We also had a great round of Taboo!
We also had a BIG Yam Seng with Vitasoy (that sent everyone around us STARING our way)!
Oh, and did I mention that I am the one that made (the icing) and decorated the gorgeous birthday cakes for Singapore’s 44th Birthday? Haha… That is the next best thing to the fireworks that night!
I love you Singapore! Many happy returns!!! *MuackX*
Swensons Dessert Buffet
From Top, Left to Right:
  1. Mr Lim and Me with fondue.
  2. Princess and Me showing off our Sundae Creations.
  3. Dessert Galore! Great for my Sweet Tooth, Really bad for my Waistline…
  4. Me and my Sundae!
  5. Alex, Terri, Arty.
  6. Yum! Need I say more? =P

I so hate Princess for the emailer promotion coz I think my face look rounder than ever halfway through gorging on fondue, cakes, pies, cream puffs and ice cream!

Sometimes, I really wonder whether I get fat instantly! I was browsing through the pictures and realised that my face grew rounder and rounder by every picture I take! Those pics that you see above are of course the more “front” ones.. The ones that I took later really cannot be displayed…

But for the price that we paid, this is really a very good dessert buffet to try once in a lifetime! I prob will go back again, but it definitely wun be soon… And there must be the one-for-one promotion again coz I seriouly dun think one can eat 20++ bucks worth of desserts over there!

Will post the emailer in my next post for you to enjoy the promotion too! Just print it out (black and white or color, in any size) and bring it down with you to the Swensons at Orchard Ion. Have fun! And if you get lost and need directions, just gimme a buzz! This outlet is particularly hard to find. We walked that level at least 3 rounds to find it!

Up- The Best Disney Flick of the Year!

Just as I thought that Disney is going downhill especially with the complete trashy “The Race to Witch Mountain” (I was totally disappointed with that show), UP came in and boy did it save the day!

It is such a wonderful WonderfuL, BeautifuL, SweeT like mad show that made me left the cold downtown east cinema with a warm heart.

This is definitely not a conventional kid-pleaser show. Up is a film that is full of real life scenarios and underlying meanings. Yes, children can watch it for the plain fun animation, and adults can find lots of scenes very close to the heart.

Storyline is tight and great. Animation is Perfect! So perfect that even when it is only cartoon, I cringed during the high altitude scene! Especially the parts involving falling and dangling actions. Ok, I admit that I am a lil acrophobic (just learnt this new word for height phobia from Google)! But it is THAT life-like!

What else can I say? Bring the kids there to learn about bravery, responsibility and perseverance. And bring your special someone there to learn love, principles and life!

Well, Arthur is a 101% Disney Fan, so dun take it from me! Go check it out yourself! You will thank me for this recommendation! =)

G.I. Joe- The Rise of Cobra

Ok, many of you might find it weird about the previous GI Joe post, coz Arthur is soooo NOT a action fan! But I posted it coz I wanted to win the preview tickets.. In the end I didn’t but oh well…

Anyway, Mr Lim is a total Action guy and thus we ended up in the theatre for the show!

I must say that this is one rare action flick that blew me away! I like the twists of the stories, the subtle love plot and the amazing (though violent) effect of the show!

So if an anti-violent, bored-by-brainless-action person who dun even know about G.I. Joe in the first place like Arty enjoys it, I am sure you will too! Go catch it! Definitely worth your ticket price! =)