Free Breeks/ Seoul Garden/ Fresh Bulgoggi Membership

Hi all!

Haven’t got the time to sit down and blog about my super hectic life lately, but saw this in an email and think its great to share! Go apply your membership and enjoy the perks!

PS: I have no idea what the perks are, but I applied anyway since its free.. Typical Singaporean lah… Haha.. Good stuff must share ehz? Especially when it is free! =P

Email Message:

“For food lovers. Don’t miss the membership opportunity

Dear all Please go to this website to apply the free membership card. U will not need to spend a specific amount to get the card as it is a promotion period.It is under seoul garden, breeks cafe etc. After 31 of May, if you want this card, u will have to spend $70.

I am Married…. NOT! *WinkZ* =P

Arthur loves taking pictures! Especially those that I look good in. So this is my latest set of gorgeous pictures!
We somehow resembles the lil kid couple from Precious Moments… Must be our hair and that innocent white themed look.
And NOPE, I am definitely NOT married. Not even remotely gonna.. yet… Haha.. The female lead in this pictures is none other than my best bimbo poly mate TANG MENG LAI! *TaaDah!*
We spent the whole day with the team of great people from Photo Terrain at various interesting outdoors of Singapore to get these amazing shots done. And they are gonna use it for their new studio which is opening soon!
Keke.. Really really fun finally being a model of the day! A lil part of my fantasy finally came true! And even more so when your partner is someone whom u have known for years and is able to crap through the day with you admist relentless pranks and hilarious jokes!
Of course, a definite bonus is that she is pretty! Well, pretty PRETTY and pretty SILLY too… If you know what I mean! (Think: Bimbo) Hahaha… *Evil GrinZ*
Oh, and Meng Lai is actually gonna be a REAL bride to her beau Ash comes end of this yr! Sweet thing!
Well, so if any of you peps are tying the knot too and looking for your wedding photographer, you know where to go! You can also check out more of the portfolios of Photo Terrain at