Last post of 2008. See Ya All Next Year!

Geez… Spent the last 3 hours drafting a 6pages worth of blog to depict my december disappearence however, the time taken for uploading of pictures almost kill me!!! I am going to meet Princess for the New Year Eve’s Dinner at her church and I am gonna be late….

After the dinner, I will be heading straight to Genting as well with Princess, Alex, GB, Don and Terri!!! So really cannot afford to wait anymore… Promise to copy and paste my entries together with the pictures by 5th Jan 2009 (I’ll be back on 4th)…

Yup, so just within hours we will be stepping into 2009. A brand new year awaits for us, as we leave 2008 into our life journal…

An advance Happy 2009 to all of you great and precious people of my life. May your wildest dreams and fantasy comes true in the coming yr! Just want it bad enough and you will get it! *Wink*


Prince Arty 08 =)

Goodbye 2008…


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