Happy Birthday Sparky!

A Mango Vodka Sparkling Ribena Toast to my Newfound Fren: Sparky!
He now turned 22 but had already led numerous creepily fun ghost tours! He is even going to Zimbawee as a volunteer for a whole year in dec! ahhh.. this boi…
Happy Birthday Bud! May the future be full of endless opportunities for ya! Cheers! *Clink*

Oooh… And who says guys aren’t vain??!! This is yours truly’s face covered in mud/ clay… Love the way I look without acne scars with a mask over them.. Keke… And wait, wat’s better is that the mask is GREEN!! LOL!! =P

PS: Goodness.. Look at the state of my room I also wanna faint… How do I clear EVERYTHING?!!! aargh… Luckily the vodka is making me sleepy… Tmr is another day! Nightz Singapore… Kekekekeke…


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sparky!

  1. Thanks for your Mango Vodka Sparkling Ribena drink which got me spinning right after that… Haha… =D I think you’re the only person who gave me so many nice birthday wishes. Really really love it and thanks so much!Green mask reminds me of the show “The MasK”!! Haha.. So funny… messy room ya. if u need help to clear up your room I can volunteer too! 😛

  2. Hahaha… You are super welcome!!And seriously, the part of the room u can see is just the tip of the iceberg… When u see the REAL condition of my room… All you will wanna do is to…. RUN AWAY!!!! Wahahaha… =P

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