Seafood Aglio Olio… Finally Back in the Kitchen…

It had been a rather long Sunday..

Lunch at the new Buangkok estate area, Ikea (didn’t get anything coz the crazy queue too long… Will go again in the weekdays…), Watched “On the Beat 3” on MobTV with Mum, cook dinner then East Coast Park, back to the 24Hrs NTUC at Buangkok (to get ingredients for lunch tmr.. yup, cooking again!)…

I am strangely not too tired however…

Had a restless night full of messy dreams after my cemetry tour. Kept hearing some creepy, sharp and weird lady cries at the back of my head. But most prob just tired and my brain still cannot settle down after all the adventure. I super missed those adorable chubby puppies!!! Hopefully can sleep better tonight though..

Anywayz, here’s a yummy looking picture of the dinner I made! Not bad eh? Looks like I still got it! Hee… The prawns and fish chunks are so fresh today that they taste good with anything!!! Hungry yet? *EviL GrinZ* =P


4 thoughts on “Seafood Aglio Olio… Finally Back in the Kitchen…

  1. Eh… nice food. What type of noodles is that? Looks like seafood spaghetti to me. Haha..I love to cook and experiment with all sorts of recipe too. Maybe can exchange a few tips. Heh heh…Oh, you got watch On The Beat 3? Did you catch API on the few episodes? There’s an EP showing Raymond introducing a cemetery in Woodlands and a strange tomb in Upper Thomson. There’s another EP showing Shaney and I introducing the View Road Hospital…Upcoming I’ll be on another EP showing something strange on Upper Bukit Timah road.😉

  2. Yupz! Its spaghetti! Aglio Olio with Seafood. It’s actually one of your previous blog post that suddenly made me crave cooking leh… It has been a long time since I last cook up a storm. I was cuisine trained in schools.Oh, and you dun have to tell me. I know how big a foodie you are! Hahha…The food photos u take are super nice though. That’s why it is not wise to visit your blog when hungry or wanna slim down…Hmmm.. I wanted to dl just the one on you and Shaney but dunno which episode leh.. They dun show the dates of airing. So I simply started from episode one lor.. Since I missed most of them anyway! Yup, I managed to catch Raymond at the Woodlands lone wife tomb…So fun that you get invited to be guest of shows like that!! I’ll watch up for your episodes! I’m such a free man now! LOL! =P

  3. My episode will be airing on the 25th November if there's no changes. Remember to catch it on Channel U, 8pm. 🙂In fact, “On The Beat” & “On The Beat 2” featured API as well. We're on quite a number of episodes in OTB 2. Showcasing the Punggol Forest, Marsiling Undergound Tunnel, The Last Kampong in SG and many more…

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