Drenched… but Satisfied!

It is 5am now…

Just came back from a splendid API (Asia Paranomal Investigators) tour to Bukit Brown Cemetry!

To be honest, it wasn’t as creepy as I thought it would be. In fact, it reminds me of a religious 3am trip to Lim Chu Kang cemetry lots of years back… Far from eerie, the cemeteries at wee hours always seems to be full of “life”! Instead of feeling isolated or unwelcome, I tend to feel a kinda warmth surrounding me. The atmosphere was more to serene and peace than anything.

For those that are planning to go, be forewarn though that it is definitely a heart- pounding trip. Nope, not the definite meeting of our friends from the nether world, but more to the jungle trashing that is needed to reach the famous tombs that are covered with overgrowth. My ghost hunting trip literally becomes a workout trip! I’m feeling slimmer already! LOL!

Too bad the lighting is bad for photos… So no pics to show.

Strange as it seems, right after we visited the last tomb of the night, it suddenly started to rain super heavily!! There wasn’t even a warning of a drizzle of any kind! Even though Mr Charles (the tour guide cum founder of API) was commenting that the deads are trying to chase us home, I felt as though the refreshing rain symbolises a fond farewell that says: “nice to meet you!”

Haha… Really exciting to experience rain in the middle of a jungle setting. You hear the rain much earlier than you can feel it coz the trees above you gotta have their “drink” first! Something that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime.

A summary of what fascinates me:
· The trio bunch of furry chubby puppies that greeted us at House of the Dead. I am soooooo tempted to bring one home!!
· The sighting of the BIGGEST tomb in Singapore (possibly even Asia!)
· Witnessing the various Superstar tombs such as the brother of Tan Tock Seng, Boon Lay, Nee Soon, Chong Pang (Yup, they were all once living human!!)
· The unexpected revitalizing rain that will make me remember this wonderful night even more fondly…


5 thoughts on “Drenched… but Satisfied!

  1. Strange but true. I went to Bukit Brown Cemetery alone in the night during the Hungry Ghost Month and I felt that I wasn’t alone. I stood in the centre of a crossroad (which the chinese believe to be the most “dark” area as spirits will tend to appear) and closed my eyes for 5 minutes. I bet no one will be crazy to do that and many can’t even keep their eyes close for a minute in fear that a ghost will creep out from nowhere and scare them to death. However, I felt very peaceful and serene with them hovering all around me. It’s like a long lost feeling which I’ve found, the warmth and the presence.Yup, there are many more famous tombs in the Bukit Brown Cemetery. We ever conducted a night 4 hour cemetery tour with Radio 100.3 UFM during the tomb sweeping festival and all the participants love it! Everyone had fun and a memorable experience as people from all walks of life join in the tour along with many of the station DJs.Thanks for supporting API. Cheers!

  2. Geez… Dun think I will ever dare to do that if I am alone! Just seemed too dangerous… Be it our spiritual friends, wild animals or even criminals.. You are really something! Haha…Alex was just daring me yeterday to go there alone since I like that place.. Seems like I only got the guts when there are experts like you, ah boy and Charles ard bah..I'm wondering how often do you go there siah… Hmmm… >.<

  3. I go there pretty often. In the day, in the night… We will definitely bring people there when there’s a tour. Haha…Yup, I don’t really recommend going there alone in the night.However, I was armed at that time with my backup ready.It’s better to inform someone before that when going to such places alone.

  4. Sounds fun… Guess its ok if I go there in the morning alone.. It is almost like another era of Singapore altogether.. Fresh air, lush greenery… A place place in Singapore that that I can simply indulge in mother nature… Instant cure for stress..Ask me along on your future trips! =)

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