Prince Arty? Yup, that’s ME!


@@ The Royal Blog of Prince Arty @@

Woohoo…. After months of procrastination, my very own blog is up!! Didn’t know its this simple actually.. Took me less than 5mins to create this profile! Hmm.. Now wondering how to customise and make this A truly brilliant “Place on Earth”. Anyway, this is sooooo strange coz I was never really a fan of blog! I don’t even bother to read my royal best pal’s blog last time! In fact, when it first came out, I even dreaded it and disregard it as another ridiculous modern propaganda! Well.. That’s definitely the unique part of Arthur! I am always a late bloomer when it comes to technology stuff… And PROUD of it!
Heee… Wonder how it feels like to have a placing on Google now! (I will have wun I?) I totally belong to those kinda people who will google my own name! Though, there’s never any result as yet… Muahahahhaaz… Nacissist to the max… I KNOW! *WinkZ* Haha…

So, to whoever that chance upon my blog: Do leave some comments or trails to let me know you’ve been here…

Image: Me with the super adorable Ritz Carlton lion mascot at Ritz Carlton Singapore…


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